Conventional Controls

OCS technicians are fully trained and competent to service most manufacturers’ temperature control devices, regardless of device age.

Our staff is dedicated to help clients to maintain their current systems as long as needed. Whether addressing routine calibration of a pneumatic control, or verification of the electronic readings and signals as initially designed, our service team gets the job done. Proper calibration and maintenance of HVAC systems decreases the risk of major problems and helps carry a system’s life out to its fullest.

Even though pneumatic and electronic stand-alone systems seem to be a dying breed, we feel there are still many facilities that can still effectively and efficiently run on these controls. Properly applied automatic controls ensure that a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will maintain a comfortable environment and perform economically.

As an independent controls contractor, OCS has the ability to find the most cost effective devices and processes to keep your facility’s systems running effectively. Whether your device is is pneumatic or electronic, we provide our customers with reliable, cost effective solutions.