Energy Management

Energy has become a major factor in the cost of doing business. Within a facility, lighting, mechanical equipment, computers, elevators, and process equipment all require sizable amounts of utility consumption, and managing this consumption has become a major task for facility operators. From maintaining the workers’ computers to providing proper lighting at a given time of day, many factors contribute to the facility’s energy consumption.

A system to monitor and adjust energy consumption can greatly ease the utility load. Learning a facility’s peak consumption periods and knowing the major equipment needs and loads are essential to system performance.

OCS partners up to offer a variety of energy management services, including energy audits, energy justified retrofits, utility analysis, measurement, and verification. These services can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for implementing energy saving features. We are also an AEP Ohio Prescriptive Program Participant.

OCS provides the tools and solutions that allow facilities operators to effectively manage, control, and maintain their building environments while improving staff efficiencies and reducing overall energy cost.