Building Automation

A facility’s Building Automation System (BAS) is the building’s mechanical and electrical command center, and having the ability to trend facility equipment is key to maintaining optimal performance. With access at your fingertips, the BAS is the point of access to monitor or adjust HVAC usage and comfort levels.

The OCS team customizes each system’s interface for ease of access and use, and our focus is always on the needs of the facility operator. Our summary dashboards help optimally monitor the system’s performance, allowing local, remote and mobile monitoring.

If a facility’s standardized maintenance and automation procedures have failed to fix chronic building automation problems, re-commissioning is a good place to start—a systematic approach for finding and solving the problems. For an older facility, retro-commissioning implements methods to improve facility operations, improve occupant comfort, and save energy.

OCS offers an extensive variety of solutions. With proper application, the solution provides a powerful tool to effectively and efficiently operate your facility.