Columbus Speech & Hearing

This 4-story, 57,000 sq. ft. building housing thirty-seven water source heat pumps had been consuming energy for years. Built in 1973, it had been running on conventional thermostats since the day it was built. The present owner was in need of cutting its operating costs.

With guidance from our staff, the facility took on a sustainable solution consultant to derive energy solutions. Although the proposed solutions did not necessitate a full blown BAS, as the customer preferred, our sales force helped implement their solution for total finger-tip access. Our team linked with the local utility company’s incentive programs to save the customer 69% of the total cost of a fully integrated BAS.

We applied Trend BACnet controllers to every heat pump and the central plant control, then overlaid the system on a Trend JACE (Java Application Control Engine) for flexibility on the Niagara AX framework.


The customer requested a unique function for the local timed override button on the room space temperature sensor. Besides using the button to bring the area unit back to an occupied mode, it also is the only way the temperature set point can be adjusted.

Between the Trend graphical function block programming and the Niagara AX graphical function block programming, we were able to provide the custom functionality the client needed.